Saturday, October 30, 2010

Featured Card Designers & Crafters Wanted

Featured Card Designers & Crafters Wanted!
Me. . .aka Sassy Cheryl is looking to feature guest crafters, and card designers, weekly on the Sassy Cheryl's blog.  There are so many incredible designers/crafters out there that create some amazing cards and projects using Sassy Cheryl images, that I'd like to give you a 'feature' spot here at Sassy Cheryl's blog.  New guests will be introduced every Monday along with their submitted project/card photo, blurb and a link to their blog or site.  Guests will be chosen at random.  

All you need to do to be considered, is to send me one of your amazing photos, having used a Sassy Cheryl's image.  It can be something created using a digi stamp, colored image or even a video.  I'll leave the creativity up to you, but I know it will be amazing.
Each guest chosen will receive a free image to create their card or craft for the blog post.  
This is NOT like a challenge entry.  You get to choose to make WHATEVER you want!  No theme or anything.  It's whatever you feel inspired to create!
I love viewing and commenting on your work, so I'd love to feature you too!  
Just send your submission to me.  Can't wait to see!!!! 
See example below:

Halloween Sale

Now through midnight on Sunday, October 31st., Sassy Cheryl's is having a sale.
All Halloween colored images and digi's are at a 20% discount.
Stock up for next year!!!  Great time for it!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Adorable Idea for Thanksgiving!

Judy Kreucher of the Sassy Cheryl's DT, shared this fun project photo with me yesterday and I just had to share it with you.  It put a HUGE smile on my face yesterday when she sent me the photo!  
Aren't these cute and clever!  She has made Hershey Bar wrappers, using the Turkey Schmurkey digi stamp and told me that she will be making these as favors to place on her Thanksgiving table this year.  
I just love them!  Hope that everyone will get a HUGE laugh!  I know I would!!!
Thanks for sharing Judy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turkey. . .Schmurkey!

Ready for Thanksgiving?  Well, why not, Halloween is almost over!
Do you think she is ready?
She doesn't appear to be!
But one things for sure.  She's now available for download at Sassy Cheryl's!

Did you See this. . . .?

. . .wonderful card by Jak Heath?
This is a card that she made using the Reindeer Pull image.  Isn't it adorable!?  I have included the link to her blog so that you can read more details on how she created it, but just wanted to share it with you.  The coloring is gorgeous! Don't you agree?
Pop on over to her blog and check it out!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New images. . .and winner!

First off, let me say thank you to everyone who stopped by to say Happy Anniversary to me and Sassy Cheryl's!  I really appreciate it.  I thought about posting some of my older images from when I began nine years ago, but I didn't want to embarrass myself.  Thank you ladies for all the sweet comments and for telling me what you like(d) most about the images.  The comments were all wonderful.
Now, on to the winner of the $25 Gift Certificate.  True Random Generator chose lucky number 30 out of the 54 comments.  And that lucky winner is Candy.  Please contact me and I will get that right out to you!  Congratulations!

Well, the newest stamps are now available at Sassy Cheryl's.  I did three different versions of the same image.  My mind was racing while drawing and I couldn't decide which one to offer, so I decided on ALL three.  The colored images for Elf Christmas Count Down & Days Until Christmas are on their way.  I'm just putting the finishing touches on them, so check back about lunch time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New images. . .

. . .are now arriving at Sassy Cheryl's.  As promised, the images are available as both a digi-stamp as well as the colored image.
Here is just one.  Saving the rest for release tomorrow. . .

Saving Santa's Elf-Digi

and in color.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anniversary Sale . . . .

Well, it's hard to believe but Sassy Cheryl's has been in business for nine years now.  Where has the time gone?!  For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, know that I started out back in 2001 as
 Homespun Stichin' Graphics
 and changed my business name to Sassy Cheryl's in 2008.  That advice came from a friend, when I wanted to change my name to something more fun and catchy.  She always commented about how 'Sassy' my illustrations were, and suggested Sassy Cheryl's.  What an amazingly smart friend I have.  And she's right.  The name certainly fits the images.  Don't you think?!
To celebrate my nine years on the web, I am running an Anniversary sale.  15% OFF ALL colored images and Digi Stamps, including the Bargain Sections, until Saturday, October 23rd @ midnight EST.
So ENJOY.  Have a great day and I hope you'll celebrate with me.

And if you leave a comment telling us what you like best about Sassy Cheryl's illustrations, you'll be entered in a $25 Gift Certificate Give away.  Entries will be accepted until midnight, October 24th. The winner will be picked by the True Random Picker and will be announced on Tuesday, October, 26th.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Digis and Colored images. . .

. . .in the Bargain Sections.
I added several more images this morning/afternoon to the $2 Digis and the $2-$3 Colored Images.
Here are just a couple.

Which List

Birthday Gifter

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Images

are now at Sassy Cheryl's.  Both as a digi and a colored image.
Some sweet little snowmen that are perfect for any project.
And don't forget to check out the new Bargain sections for the Digi stamps and Colored images.

Hockey Sweep Snowman-Stamp
Hockey Sweep Snowman-Colored Image
Loose Change Snowman-Stamp
Loose Change Snowman-Colored Image

Monday, October 18, 2010

New. . .Bargain Bins

Bargain Bins for both Digi's and Colored images have now been added to the site over at Sassy Cheryl's.  The images located in these categories reflects their current sales.  There are 92 images in the Bargain Digi section and 104 images in the Bargain Colored image section.  So be sure to check those new sections for some great bargains.
Here are just a couple:
Balloon Bears

Paint the Town

There will also be a change this week at Sassy Cheryl's beginning Tuesday, October 19.  The Colored images will increase from $3 to $4.  The increase in price, is due to the fact that the colored images are a lot more time consuming to complete.  On average, a single image takes between 2-3 hours to color, depending on their size and complexity.  Digi stamps, however, will remain at the $3 price.  

Now. . .I want to touch a moment on a couple of things because I have received several emails since the change in the Commercial License policies.  

When I started my online business back in 2001 I drew for the sheer fun of it.  At that time, I didn't even consider having terms or a commercial license.  I just assumed that customers were using the graphics to 'decorate' their websites.  Which more often than not, was certainly the case.  It wasn't until I became friends with several other online graphic artists that I was made aware of the fact that people were in fact using my images for creating and selling products.  That is when I introduced a set of terms and at that time, a very simple commercial license.  

Well, things have changed since then and it has become increasingly more difficult for artists to protect their artwork.  The Commercial Licenses at Sassy Cheryl's are there to protect myself as well as my artwork.  They aren't meant as a way to punish or hurt the small business person.  It has never been my intention or ever will be to insult or offend any of my customers by changing my policies to protect my artwork.  I understand that some who purchase my illustrations are making and selling them to family, friends, neighbors, etc., and I certainly feel honored by that, and do not have a problem with that.  

I think that when I changed the policy to include sites such as Etsy, Artfire, Shop-Homemade, etc., that most people began to write, with concerns. At first, I didn't have any objections to people selling on these sites, mostly because the customer wrote and politely asked. And I did give them permission.  It wasn't until we started doing routine searches for Sassy Cheryl's images that we began to find that there were many others selling on these sites, not writing for permission and not giving proper copyright credit information to Sassy Cheryl's for the images on their products.  That is when I began to question whether I had made a mistake.  It wasn't the fact that they were selling, it was their blatant disregard for not including the Sassy Cheryl's copyright information.  That is where I had the problem.  So, after much consideration and advice from my attorney, I decided to include these types of shops in the Conditions of use policy and require the purchase of a Commercial license.  These new types of sites are becoming more and more common and people are opening these kinds of shops because of the ease of doing so instead of having and maintaining a website.   Please understand, it isn't my intention to hinder those who are following the terms, but something had to be done to keep this from continuing to happen. I truly hope that you understand.

**All customers who previously had received permission for use on these sites are still allowed to use them in this manner.**

For those who have written showing your support. . .I thank you.  It means a lot to me!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Colored Images

. . .are now @ Sassy Cheryl's.
I had a hard time deciding in what order to do them.  I originally started them out in alphabetical order, and then I was doing some updating and research on my site last night and came up with a different plan.  I am now completing the colored images based on sales of their digi stamps popularity.  (more or less)
I'm skipping around a little, but they will be introduced in that order.  Make sense?
Here are a few, but not all of the new images.

Sassy Cheryl the Baker

Let's Take a Dip

Little Chef

Snowman Parts

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Colored images. . .

have arrived at Sassy Cheryl's.
Here are just a few.  I'm doing my best to get the digi stamps colored for you guys.  
Hope you enjoy them.

Ho Ho Ho Snowmen

Witches Frame

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Images

New images are now being added to the Sassy Cheryl's shop for todays releases.  
Here are just two of the images.  I am doing my best to make the digi stamp as well as the colored image both available the same day.
Thanks again ladies.  Enjoy!

Snowman Bird Watcher-Colored Image

Snowman Bird Watcher-Stamp

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Releases

at Sassy Cheryl's.
Four new images.  Sorry they are a day late, but here are just 2 of them.  Colored images will be available soon.

King Bear

On a Roll

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sassy Cheryl's is now on Facebook!

Hey everybody.  Even though you know I'm not even much of a blogger, I've now joined the Facebook scene.
Hope you'll stop by and chat and post your wonderful images.  Just send me a friend request.  Love to have you.  Yippee!!!
Just type in Sassy Cheryl's for the 'search.
Thanks everyone.  Hope you'll join me.
Oh, and here is the link: I hope it works.
Sassy Cheryl's Facebook page

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